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Winner of the Canadian Screen Award for Lead in a Comedy Series 2013 for the role of Anne in ‘Less Than Kind’. I have had a long career in America and Canada performing in Drama and Comedy.

 Rep: Mike Carr @ Don Buckwald (Los Angeles)

Rich Caplan @ Noble, Kaplan, Abrams (Toronto)


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“Krista Tippett meets Masters and Johnson. Wendel Meldrum’s deep dive into our human essence challenges our views on women and their precious output in loving, inclusive and sultry tones, enhanced with exquisitely woven sound effects and musical backdrops. Top of my podcast list for sure.” iTunes…its/id1088536792?mt=2


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“With a wry imagination and no small amount of whimsy, Wendel Meldrum escorts us through Pinky Lux School for Girls challenging us to rethink the roles, the bodies and the vast contribution of women to the human species, not the least of which is that women are the physical producers of all humankind.”


‘Cruel But Necessary’

“‘Cruel but Necessary’ reps major breakthrough for fiendishly talented scripter Wendel Meldrum, who is onscreen virtually every second of this cunningly crafted comedy-drama. She’s by turns Hilarious, touching and a little scary”.  Variety 2005

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